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In our work we are interested not only in helping our patients regain good health, but also in assisting them to find ways to maintain it. We believe that this can be an interesting and enjoyable process, and one that increases our awareness and understanding of ourselves.
diet with acupuncture, lifestyle changes Many factors influence our state of health. These include our general constitution and our lifestyle, such as the foods we eat, our exercise routine, our work and recreation, and relationships. We encourage our patients to look at all of these important aspects of their lives. Where necessary, we support and encourage changes to be made.
We believe with these aspects of life in balance there is a far greater likelihood of maintaining good health.
Diet plays a vitally important role in our health. Numerous studies have shown that many of the illnesses and disease that are so common in the West, such as diabetes and heart disease are directly linked to the typical Western diet.
Our general recommendation for diet lays emphasis on whole grains, legumes, vegetables and protein. Diets similar to these have been used for many centuries in countries such as China, Japan, India and Mexico.
Since each of us has a different constitution, what suits one person may not suit another. We make specific recommendations to each patient.
We have a library of books and videotapes for loan, as well as handouts on different aspects of diet.
Exerciseyoga and acupuncture, yoga poses
Regular exercise is an essential part of maintaining good health. As with every other aspect of our work we believe exercise has be adapted to the individual. This is especially important for those who have been unwell for some time. However almost everyone can do some exercise, even if it is only walking or very gentle stretching and breathing exercises. For most of our patients we recommend a combination of aerobic exercise with internal disciplines such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong.
Aerobic exercise
There are many varieties of aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming, bike riding or dancing. Aerobic exercise maintains strength and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, and relieves stress and tension.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong

Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong help maintain our health in a completely different way from aerobic exercise. These disciplines help to strengthen and build the vital life force or chi. They also help to slow us down and calm and quiet our minds.
Nourishing the Spirit
spiritual nourishment with acupunctureWith the fast pace of modern life it is easy for many of us to believe that we don't have time to nourish the spirit. This is a fallacy and one which can prove very costly. Any activity that we find deeply satisfying can nourish our spirit.
For some it may be hiking in nature, for others becoming absorbed in a creative activity such as painting or writing, while for someone else it could be renewing an old friendship or finding time for a regular spiritual practice. Whatever it may be, we believe that aspect of life has to be given time and attention.

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