At our office we offer three healing modalities:

Five Element Acupuncture
NAET Allergy Treatments
Polarity Therapy

Ian and Cindy Rawlinson

Each of these methods of healing focus on addressing the underlying cause of illness and help to re-establish the natural state of balance we call health.

Our work is holistic and takes into account the unique makeup of each patient. When diagnosing and treating we consider the physical, emotional and what the Chinese call the shen or spirit. To fully understand the unique nature of each patient we take a very detailed case history.

We also focus on helping patients maintain good health. We review many aspects of a patient’s lifestyle such as diet, exercise, work, and relationships. Where necessary we encourage and support changes to be made.

In our practice we treat a wide range of illnesses, both chronic and acute, and we draw on over 30 years experience.