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These articles will help you gain a fuller understanding of our work, as well as offer ways that you can maintain the benefits you have noticed with your treatments.

The Five Elements -- The different qualities of the Elements and how each Element profoundly affects every aspect of our lives.
The Point of the Needle -- A journalists experience of having treatment originally published in The Observer newspaper in England.
Treating Painful Periods -- Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating painful periods. A combination of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can either completely remove or greatly reduce this condition.
Treating Allergies and Hay Fever with Chinese Medicine -- It is well known that Sonoma County is an especially bad area for people who suffer from hay fever and allergies. Fortunately, hay fever can be treated effectively with Chinese Medicine. A combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs can either greatly reduce or completely resolve the condition.
Cold and Flu Herbal Home Care -- Chinese medicine can be very effective in treating colds and flus. Chinese herbs are used to support and build the body's natural defense system rather than to suppress symptoms.
Maintaining Your Health -- Chinese medicine has for many thousands of years recognized the wisdom of focusing on maintaining health, rather than curing illness. Traditionally in China patients were treated when in good health and receive free treatment from their practitioner if they became sick.
The Law of Mid-day Mid-night -- How a very ancient natural law of Chinese Medicine can affect your own health.

The Seasons: Late Summer -- In Chinese medicine there are five rather than four seasons. The additional season is late summer and it comes between full summer and autumn. It is the time of year when the harvest is ripe and ready to be gathered. Do we have a sense of reaping and gathering in different aspects of our lives? Treatment can help to bring that sense of fulfillment and completion which can so often be lacking in our lives.

Attention Deficit Disorder: Ritalin Deficiency or Allergy -- From a talk given at Second Annual N.A.E.T. Symposium 1996.

Breathing in Yoga Postures -- Extracts of an article first published in the Yoga Journal.

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