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Attention Deficit Disorder: Ritalin Deficiency or Allergy
by Sandra C. Denton, M.D.
From a talk given at Second Annual N.A.E.T. Symposium 1996
mom and daughter
“More than one million American children take Ritalin regularly to help them with Attention Deficit Disorder, an increase of two and a half times since 1990. Do we have a miracle cure—or over-medicated kids?” (Newsweek, March 18, 1996, cover story) “ADHD has become America's No. 1 childhood psychiatric disorder.”
Certain schools mandate that parents give Ritalin in order for the ADD child to continue receiving an education. Doctors readily prescribe this magic pill. And for some, it seems to work, perhaps “easier” than altering the life style by changing the diet and tracking down the actual cause of the problem and the individual child.
Even with correct doses, there are side-effects, including sleep disturbances, stomach pains and irritability, particularly when the dose is wearing off; also, facial tics. Many parents report their child turns into a zombie orrobot. No one knows the long term consequences of this medication on our children or on their offspring.
Professionals base their diagnosis of ADHD on the existence of six or more symptoms, in a way that significantly impairs the child, in each of three major categories, including inattention (short attention span, failure to listen, follow instructions, or finish tasks), hyperactivity (fidgets, doesn't stay in seat, runs, climbs, excessively, inappropriately, acts “driven”), and impulsively.
Case histories of ADHD children indicate:
100% are deficient in magnesium

50% are deficient in manganese

80% are deficient in zinc
Over the past 12 years I have found working with these children and parents very challenging, but rewarding. Identifying the causes and aggravating factors is the foundation of therapy I use with all of my patients, no matter what “label” their disease may carry. In the case of ADHD I have found one or more of the following factors to be important in achieving the 90% success rate we have in our clinic: mineral deficiency (often caused by allergies to these minerals which can be eliminated by the NAET method treating “mineral mix” and individual minerals)—100% of these children are deficient in magnesium, 50% are deficient in manganese, and 80% are deficient in zinc.
In addition, both allergies to sugars and high intake of sugar contribute to the hyperactive behavior in children. We have an excellent video (Sugar Blues) in the office that both the parents and children are required to watch. Also, artificial sweeteners are often an aggravating factor in ADHD.
Candida Yeast related complex are found in almost all of these children. Because of so many allergies, many of them have had numerous infections and repeated doses of antibiotics, usually without acidophilus, so you have the perfect setup for Candida. ADHD patients will not get better until you take away the sugar/yeast foods that support Candida and give anti-fungal agents with acidophilus for at least six months. Of course, NAET treatments for Candida Albicans and for the specific antibiotics that were utilized will shorten the recovery time.
Because the antibiotics are sweetened with sugar, you also find cavities in the teeth, and the material used for filling the teeth is mercury, which is neuro-toxic, depletes the body of the very minerals it needs, attacks the immune system, and hinders every hormone in the body, along with many other adverse side effects. The nickel in braces and retainers that may also be used can also alter immune and brain function. Fluoride treatments and fluoride toothpaste can be another aggravating factor. The health practitioner may have to do NAET's to these dental items along with many combinations.
Allergies to many foods, vitamins (especially B's), minerals, inhalants, mold, chemicals, parasites, insect mix, school-room air or bedroom air, and a host of other items need to be identified and treated. Allergies to wheat and grains, dairy, corn products, chocolate, cinnamon, and peanut butter are among the most frequently seen food allergies.
Many children with ADD are allergic to sugar and have a very high rate of Candida yeast related complex.
Of special interest is the fact that I have not seen a single child who had ADHD that did not need to have NAET to DPT, and several cases seem to begin around the time of their booster injections prior to entering school.
Many of these children have normal thyroid blood tests, but low temperatures and periods of unusual fatigue, dry skin, constipation and other symptoms suggest that a "therapeutic trial of natural thyroid" might be useful. Needless to say, NAET to thyroid and other hormones may be indicated.
Hair analysis may reveal the presence of heavy metals such as cadmium, copper, lead, or aluminum. It is well known that these heavy metals definitely alter brain performance, intellectual abilities and behavior. NAET plus chelating these metals from the system can restore normal function.
Allergies to neurotransmitters must be identified and treated, including GABA, serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine and histamine.
Food additives, sulfites, MSG, food coloring and flavorings, and salicylates may need to be eliminated. Essential fatty acid deficiency is quite common among these children.
Each case is different, and one needs to listen carefully to the history and circumstances surrounding the onset of symptoms. Playing “Sherlock Holmes” takes both time and patience on everyone's part and is also a lot harder that it is to pop a “Vitamin R” pill. But I can say that I happen to think the results are a lot more satisfying and rewarding for the child in the long run.

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